HR M&A Advisory

We support the human capital strategies of our private equity clients through an integrated suite of service offerings, enabling firms and their portfolio companies to leverage talent to mitigate risk and accelerate value creation. The evidence is overwhelming, acquiring companies can neither focus too much nor too early on an M&A transaction’s people implications. Leaders and the Human Resources function as a whole play critical roles in determining whether a potential deal realizes its strategic, financial, and operational goals.

As soon as an organization begins the M&A process, HR can share vital business information and expertise that may influence the identification of potential partners, the structure of the deal, effective timing for key decisions and milestones, and the development of strategies to support a smooth integration.

HR leadership also can lead the organization’s efforts to identify potential business and human capital risks that will shape the strategy and integration plan. With HR playing a leadership role from the beginning of the M&A process, it is more likely that the organization will optimize a deal’s financial and operational synergies.

HR Growth Partners will manage every aspect and be the point of contact for:

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