Sprint Recruiting

Simple - Scale - Speed

HR Growth Partners’ recruiting and candidate sourcing engine are principled in eCommerce DtC & 3P growth hacking strategies. In addition, we use a variety of recruitment operations systems, and candidate persona AI to scale sourcing pools and increase speed. That then gets blended with talent marketing, job advertising, and candidate prospecting to create multi-directional swim lanes all running concurrently and leveraging our proprietary candidate acquisition strategies. The process increases the recruiter’s touchpoints, but now across multiple channels.

This creates three distinguishing outcomes:


Increase in search efficiency. This creates bandwidth for recruiters to genuinely connect with prospects, candidates, and applicants through the funnel and across channels.


Ignites a fire-sale of activity around the search generating brand awareness and candidate confidence.


The number of qualified and interested candidates at the top-of-funnel is generally 10x relative to other antiquated firms.

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